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ULAP, representing member-leagues & federations of local government stakeholders, in partnership with the national government and strategic sectors, pursues full local autonomy and catalyzes nationbuilding towards inclusive and sustainable political, economic, and social development that will put the country at par with global standards.



To unite, capacitate and strengthen all ULAP member-leagues & federations for a more effective and efficient delivery of basic services to local communities through transparent, accountable, innovative and participatory governance.



Consistent with the national government’s Philippine Development Plan and the PPP Strategy, ULAP urges a strategic bottom-up approach in governance, for the national government to energize and support the local government sector to accomplish development goals in the local levels. It strongly believes that, to improve the delivery of services and to achieve “inclusive growth”, stronger national and local government coordination must be realized. In this strategy, ULAP envisions:

• To be a venue for transformative governance at the local level
• Serve as catalyst to localize national development
• To bridge various stakeholders to gather capacity and various resources