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ulapbridgingrole2ULAP is in the forefront for LGUs in discussing local issues with the national government, and bringing national policies, projects and programs on the ground. ULAP bridges the local government, with the help of all the member leagues, to the national government, private sector and civil society organizations. Over the years, ULAP’s responsibilities are becoming broader, and becoming more significant in local governance issues, problems and solutions.

Moreover, ULAP has been the connection of the LGUs to the opportunities being offered by the private sector, NGOs, CSOs and international development sector. Projects and programs of these sectors were brought to the LGUs, strategically looking at their local needs and matching them to the available projects and programs.

ULAP, since 2011, has been banking on its convergence framework in developing policies, projects and programs for the local government units from all the possible partners on international and national environment. As the umbrella organization of all local government leagues, ULAP has been fulfilling its mission to unite all member leagues, enhance their partnership with all stakeholders to attain genuine local autonomy for all LGUs, and ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of basic services to local communities for authentic and humane governance.